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400G C-temp Optical Transceiver

  • CFP8/CDFPavailable
  • Working Transmission rate400Gb/s
  • Maximum Transmission distance100meters,
  • Higher integration for higher density board design
  • support I2C communication interfaceand DDM
  • Compatible with RoHS6;Operating temperature:0~70℃

    400GC-temp Optical Transceiver is high stability, large flow, large data Optical Transceiver  produced by F-tone through independent research。CFP8/CDFP available; working Transmission rate 400Gb/s;Maximum Transmission distance100meters;Higher integration for higher density board design; support I2C communication interface and DDM, Compatible with RoHS6;Operating temperature:0~70℃。widely used in telecommunications networks, aerospace industry, Aviation, electricity, railways, medical, transportation, communications, and other major areas.

optical transceiver