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DIN SMT Micro Transceiver

  • More compact industrial military structure design - module height of only 8mm
  • Adapted to high-speed signal integrity of SMTI / O pins.
  • All-metal shell, using anti-vibration design.
  • 25G/2.5G/4.25G/6.25G/10G
  • With the receiving data signal detection function.
  • Single +3.3V Power Supply
  • Military grade temperature range
  • Optical connectorform DIN type

    DIN SMT Optical Transceiver is through rigorous military grade screening and environmental testing,ensuring transceiver’s Reliability and environmental adaptability, With anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference, heat resistance, temperature adaptability and so on, Widely used in airborne, carrier-based, high altitude and other environments. Module small size, light weight, all-metal structure, height only 8mm, easy to install in a small space board or chassis.

optical transceiver