PON Optical Transceiver

  • SFP/SFF 2x5/SFF 2x10 Multiple package
  • Withoutpigtail SC connector/with pigtail
  • GEPON PX10/PX20/PX20+/PX20++various specifications
  • various specifications
  • Apply in Access Networks P2MP
  • Operating Voltage+3.3V
  • Internal and external calibration
  • Apply in FTTH、FTTC、FTTO、FTT(x)
  • Compatible with RoHS
  • Operating temperature,C-temp andI-temp
  • low open/high open, defaultlow open;with/without pigtail,default without;

    SFP/SFF 2x5/SFF 2x10 various package;without pigtail SC connector/with pigtail;GEPON PX10/PX20/PX20+/PX20++various specifications; GPON B+/C+/C++various specifications;Apply in Access Networks P2MP;Operating Voltage+3.3V;Apply in FTTH、FTTC、FTTO、FTT(x);Compatible with  RoHS; Operating temperature,providing C-temp and I-temp ;low open/high open,defaultlow open;with/withoutpigtail,defaultwithout;widely used in telecommunications networks, aerospace industry, Aviation, electricity, railways, medical, transportation, communications, and other major areas.

optical transceiver