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SNAP12 Optical Transceiver

  • Safe size Compatible withSNAP12 MSA.
  • each module with 12 independent channels.
  • 125G/6.25G/10Grate
  • SNAP12Tx /SNAP12Rx /SNAP124Tx 4Rx
  • Optical interface with MTP OR (MPO) 1 * 12 with the cable connection standard.
  • Compact structure design, high density and high capacity.
  • product comes with a radiator
  • 3Vpower supply,achieving Low Power Dissipation,;
  • Operating temperaturerange:-40~85℃

    SNAP12 Optical Transceiver is produced by F-tone through independent research with high stability,Apply in Calculation and data processing center High-speed optical interconnection, storage room High-density high-speed signal interconnection, radar processor interconnection, other high-density high data rate VSR fiber communication;widely used in telecommunications networks, aerospace industry, Aviation, electricity, railways, medical, transportation, communications, and other major areas.

optical transceiver